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YCWA Relicensing Website

Public Website for the Relicensing of the Yuba River Development Project FERC No. 2246.

Welcome to Yuba County Water Agency's (YCWA) Yuba River Development Project Relicensing Public Website. This is an information resource for parties interested in the relicensing of YCWA's Yuba River Development Project, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Project No. 2246 (Project).

 The Project

The Project is located on Yuba River, Middle Yuba River and Oregon Creek in Yuba County, California, and consists of 1 reservoir (New Bullards Bar on the North Yuba River), 2 diversion dams (Our House Diversion Dam on the Middle Yuba River and Log Cabin Diversion Dam on Oregon Creek), 3 powerhouses (New Colgate, Fish Release and Narrows No. 2) and various recreation facilities and appurtenant facilities. The installed capacity of the Project is 361.9 megawatts.

 The License

The initial FERC license for the Project expires April 30, 2016. YCWA has followed FERC’s Integrated Licensing Process (ILP), as described in Title 18 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Subchapter B, Part 5, to prepare an application for a new license. Major filings by YCWA have included: 1) a Notice of Intent to File an Application for a New License, filed on November 5, 2010; 2) a Pre-Application Document (PAD), filed on November 5, 2010; 3) a Proposed Study Plan, filed on April 19, 2011; 4) a Revised Study Plan, filed on August 17, 2011; 5) an Initial Study Report, filed on December 3, 2012; 6) an Updated Study Report, filed on December 3, 2013; 7) a Draft Application for a New License Major Project – Existing Dam, filed on December 3, 2013; and 8) a Final Application for a New License Major Project – Existing Dam, filed on April 28, 2014. Each of these YCWA filings can be found under “Relicensing Documents” on the Quick Launch bar to the left.

 The Relicensing Process

YCWA enters the Yuba River Hydroelectric Project Relicensing (Relicensing) with the expressed goal of obtaining a new license with minimal adverse impact to Project economics, while helping to foster YCWA’s relationship with the community, resource agencies, and other interested parties.  YCWA desires to obtain a new license of maximum term for the Project at a minimum cost (both initially and ongoing) that allows the Project to maximize profits from the production of electrical power while also meeting environmental, recreational, irrigation and other non-power requirements and needs.

 The Site Purpose

The purposes of the Yuba River Development Project Relicensing Public Website are to make available to federal, state and local agencies; non-governmental organizations; and individual members of the public who may be interested in the Relicensing: 1) documents and material developed by YCWA during the Relicensing; and 2) information regarding the Yuba River Development Project Relicensing proceeding. The index to your left is divided into sections related to the Relicensing proceeding, and is periodically updated by YCWA. Click on the item in which you are interested. Please note that much of the information on this Public Website is in portable document format (pdf) or similar format, and some items appear blank until information is completed or published.

 Current Events Summary

12/3/2015 9:00 AM   Relicensing Participants Meeting: Schoolhouse Campground Site Visit New 
To identify RV upgrades (campsites and circulation roads) and the size of overflow and trailhead parking area expansions.
12/8/2015 1:00 PM   Relicensing Participants Meeting: Discuss Aquatic Monitoring Plan; and YCWA May Provide Feedback on RPs 11/9 Fish Screen/Ladder Proposal 
RPs provide redline of YCWA's Aquatic Monitoring Plan prior to meeting, if possible.
12/9/2015 9:30 AM   Relicensing Participants Meeting: Continue Discussion of SWRCB's 11/23 Water Quality Monitoring Proposal; and Status Check-in on AIS, Bald Eagle and IVM Plans, and Gen4 
12/9/2015 9:30 AM   Process Team Meeting - CANCELLED 
12/14/2015 9:30 AM   Relicensing Participants Meeting: Recreation - YCWA Report on Revised OH WWB Access Concept Plan; YCWA Response to AW's Proposal for Other WWB Access (see below); FS Report on Planting Trees on YCWA Land at Cottage Creek; & TBD Attachment
Other WWB Access Issues: 1) New Colgate Powerhouse; 2, Below New Bullards Bar Dam; and 3) NYR Shuttle
12/23/2015 9:30 AM   Relicensing Participants Meeting: CANCELLED Agenda TBD 
1/11/2016 9:30 AM   Relicensing Participants Meeting: Recreation - Report on Site Visit to Flag FS Proposed Shadow Ridge Trail; YCWA Report on Options for Cottage Creek Water; & TBD 
1/12/2016 10:30 AM   Relicensing Participants Meeting: YCWA Feedback on USFWS/CDFW's 10/9 Lower Yuba River Flow Proposal; and Discuss Request for Curt to Issue Under License Monthly Flow Projections Below Englebright  
FWN to provide a brief description of what they would want Curt's monthly flow projections to include.
1/13/2016 9:30 AM   Relicensing Participants Meeting: Continue 1/12 Meeting, if Needed; Discuss RPs redlines of Conditions TE1 and TE2 (Temperature and Salmonid Monitoring Below Englebright) and TE3 (Anadromous Fish Ecological Group); and Discuss Narrows 2 Fish Stranding 
RPs to provide redlines of TE1, TE2 and TE3 prior to the meeting.
1/26/2016 9:30 AM   Relicensing Participants Meeting: Discuss Upstream Flow-related Items; & YCWA Feedback on RPs Proposed NBB LWM and Sediment Pilot Studies  
(More Events...)


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